Sound design

At Efterklang we design with sound. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing successful sound architecture, sound design, and audio branding for physical spaces and products.

What we do - Sound Design

Some of our services:

  • Sound Concepts and Visioning
  • Audio Branding
  • Functional Sounds
  • Sound Architecture
  • Curated Playlists
  • Soundscaping
  • Sound Masking

We design sounds and soundscapes for a broad range of environments such as offices, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, hotels, restaurants, city parks, playgrounds and products such as autonomous vehicles, kitchen appliances, smart home products, and all sorts of smart products and user interfaces.

We customize each case based on its existing acoustic and technical conditions, as well as with careful consideration of the user and their activity in the environment. Central to our process is psychoacoustics, the science of how humans perceive and respond to sound.

By covering the entire process from pre-study and concept to hardware solutions and sound content, our work ensures harmony between the space, its occupants and the quality of sounds exchanged therein. Regardless of the project size, our promise is always a user-friendly solution with a human centric focus.

For distribution of sound content, we offer Twang audio platform. Twang is a modern platform developed to distribute high-quality audio content in public environments. With the help of Twang remote, customers can easily regulate different sound zones via their browsers. Please get in touch for more information.


Efterklang is an accredited audio branding consultant via the Audio Branding Society.

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