Sound design

At Efterklang we design with sound. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing successful sound architecture, sound design, and audio branding for physical spaces and products.

What we do - Sound Design

Some of our services:

  • Sound Concepts and Visioning
  • Audio Branding
  • Functional Sounds
  • Sound Architecture
  • Curated Playlists
  • Soundscaping
  • Sound Masking

We design sounds and soundscapes for a broad range of environments such as offices, hospitals, retail, banks, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, city parks, playgrounds, and products such as vehicles, kitchen appliances, smart home products, and all sorts of user interfaces.

Acoustics and psychoacoustics

Every project is customized and at the core of our approach lies the principle of psychoacoustics, the study of how people perceive and respond to sound. Our primary goal is to ensure optimal outcomes that seamlessly integrate with the venue’s overall acoustics, its occupants, and the surrounding acoustic environment.

Our Process

To secure optimal outcomes, we oversee the entire process, from pre-study and conceptualization, all the way to hardware implementation and sound content creation. All sound production is managed in-house in our dedicated studio facilities.


Throughout the installation process, we ensure that speakers are strategically positioned, taking into account the flow of people within the room and the overall acoustic environment. Our focus remains on channeling the appropriate audio to its designated location, fine-tuning the volume, and the programming to align with the intended functionality. Finally, we verify that everything is where it should be, that the customer is satisfied and knows how to use the system.

Technical know-how

Our ability to actualize our sound concepts and evoke impactful auditory experiences is attributed to our utilization of appropriate hardware and technology. In the technical planning phase, we choose both standard and specialized technology tailored to your specific project. When necessary, we incorporate cutting-edge technology. Through the integration of tools such as sound showers, vibration speakers, and sensors we enable the realization of concepts that surpass the limitations of conventional sound technology.

Learn more about our technical solutions.

Managing sound installations

Our commitment continues beyond the installation phase, extending to ongoing support tailored to your specific requirements. We oversee management of the sound concept and ensure its continual relevance, utilizing our user-friendly sound platform Twang. If required, we provide the option to refresh audio content to follow seasonal changes or specific campaign objectives that you might have.

Regardless of the scope of the project, our goal is always to offer a solution that prioritizes the user experience. We tune the world!


Efterklang is an accredited audio branding consultant via the Audio Branding Society.

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