Arena Magasin X, Uppsala

Arena Magasin X, Uppsala

Efterklang has created a holistic sound design concept for Magasin X, Vasakronan's office and co-working and Sweden’s biggest office in solid wood construction.

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Vasakronan AB



Next to Uppsala Central Station you will find the office building Magasin X, an addition to Vasakronan’s arena concept and Sweden’s biggest office in solid wood construction. The arena is Vasakronan’s most climate-friendly office and co-working space to date. With several meeting rooms, open-plan landscapes, lounge areas, a restaurant and other great environments, the place does not only promote work but also socializing and well-being.  This is a workplace that offers their members something out of the ordinary.


On behalf of Vasakronan, Efterklang has carried out acoustic design of the building, and created a holistic sound design concept for the arena. With a functional purpose to promote well-being, concentration and joy, but at the same time enhance other visual expressions such as interior design and furnishing. The sound design adds another dimension to the overall experience.


Acoustics and psycho-acoustics have played an equivalent role when creating this sound design environment and the result is a tailored sound design concept that is both dynamic and brand-building.

Recycling and upcycling has been keywords for Kanozi Arkitekter, the interior designers, and it shows through recycled furniture, carpets and bricks. Nature and wood are also two recurring themes that work as a clear common thread throughout the arena. We wanted to highlight these themes in the sound design as well.

A pleasant nature soundscape built on authentic recordings from forest plays in the open office landscapes, with a task to mask disturbing sounds and help increase focus and concentration.

In the reception area, lounges and other open spaces, a conceptual lounge playlist plays with various intensities. Sound design that encourages conversation and socializing.

A beautiful soundscape plays by the WC clusters, a soundscape that creates a welcoming and fresh feeling while at the same time working as a sound masking tool and increasing privacy.

In several audio productions around the arena, you can hear the sound of a woodpecker, a playful and witty way to connect the sound design to the overall wooden theme.

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