What we do

What we do

Our complete palette of sound and vibration services enables us to create unique and optimal sound environments, reinforcing emotions and encouraging collaboration, concentration, play, learning and consumer behavior.


At Efterklang, acoustics is a discipline grounded in science and engineering. From this foundation we develop creative solutions in design, architecture, the human experience and the health of the environment.

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Every day we’re exposed to the sounds of our surroundings that affect us in positive and negative ways. Unpleasant sounds are often byproducts from traffic, building services installations, construction activities, industries, etc. We define these ‘unwanted sounds’ as noise.

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Sound design

At Efterklang we design with sound. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing successful sound architecture, sound design, and audio branding for physical spaces and products.

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Vibration is an important consideration in the design of buildings, environments, and workplaces. Vibrations can be generated by a number of different sources and have the potential to create cosmetic and structural damages to machinery and buildings as well as lower the production rate or lifespan of machinery and processes.

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We offer a state-of-the-art studios and services for sound recording, mixing, and audio production. We help clients with voice talent casting, music production, and film sound design, just to name a few of our areas of expertise.

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