Our Services

Our Services

Our complete palette of sound and vibration services enables us to create harmonious spaces, places and products.


We provide support in acoustic consulting, planning, and measurement, delivering services encompassing building and room acoustics.

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We offer assessments, measurements, and action plans for reducing noise exposure from a wide spectrum of sources, such as traffic, industries, sports facilities, and quarries.

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Sound design

We have extensive experience in developing successful sound architecture, sound design concepts, and audio branding for physical spaces and products.

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Our services include advice on vibration control and ground-borne noise from rail, road and construction. We also possess expertise in structural dynamics and the response of humans, buildings, and products to vibrations.

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We offer a state-of-the-art studios and services for sound recording, mixing, and audio production. We help clients with voice talent casting, music production, and film sound design, just to name a few of our areas of expertise.

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