Who we are

We are Efterklang

We work in the intersection between engineering, design, and technology where we help our clients throughout the entire journey – from the early project phase and through the entire life-cycle. Our complete palette of sound and vibration services enables us to create unique and optimal sound environments, reinforcing emotions and encouraging collaboration, concentration, play, and learning.

With more than 150 colleagues gathered in one seamless global organization, we’re one of the top five players in the world. Our fantastic team is constantly developing and learning from each other to continuously improve for our clients and our projects.

With hub offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands we execute projects all around the globe, with the support of our colleagues at AFRY.

We’re a group of engineers, designers, and technical specialists delivering award-winning work in the Nordic region and worldwide since 1956. We create sound environments and solve vibration issues at all scales and in all sectors.

We don’t just fulfill standards and criteria – we make sure to…

  • Make industrial processes more effective and prolong equipment lifespan, allowing us to contribute to a more sustainable world.

  • We create work environments that are suitable for their function, where the sound environment is not a complaint but a strength that allows for productivity, exchange of ideas as well as increased focus and well-being.

  • Create education environments where students can hear and understand the teachers and at the same time feel comfortable in the school environment.

  • Not focus solely on the goal of making products quieter, but also focus on making them sound right and go beyond client expectations.

  • Create hospital environments that allow patients to recover quicker, increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of the system.

  • Help preserve and enhance the sound environment in natural areas such as parks for recovery and recreation, thus enhancing the quality of life.

  • Create spaces where people can express themselves in different forms and at the same time allow for the masses to experience culture and events.

  • Protect animals from man-made noise and vibration and make sure the fauna remains unharmed.

  • Mitigate the negative effects of noise, with which we can help save lives by reducing noise-related adverse health impacts.

  • Introduce new and innovative uses of sound and vibration which make life easier and more accessible for disabled people.

  • Reduce noise disturbances in our homes to create better conditions for good sleep for the improvement of our health and well-being.

  • Raise awareness, understanding and increase knowledge on the topics of sound, noise and vibration through lectures, white papers, education and participation in workshops.

We tune the world

We tune the world.

Where we come from

Our journey dates back to the 1950s in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Swedish engineer and professor Stig Ingemansson started the acoustic consultancy Ingemanssons Ingenjörsbyrå in 1956, providing services within noise mitigation.

In 2006 the Swedish engineering, consulting, and design company ÅF acquired the acoustic consultancy. Stig Ingemansson’s legacy continued to live on as our acousticians joined forces with consultants from the energy, industry, infrastructure, and digital solutions sectors.

In 2019 ÅF acquired Pöyry PLC and became a combined company known as AFRY. With the launch of the new company, an endorsed brand was launched to promote our services within acoustics, noise, vibrations and sound design – Efterklang.

In 2020 Efterklang and AFRY acquired the Swedish sound design agency Lexter to further strengthen our position within sound design and audio branding.

In 2022 we welcomed new colleagues from former Vahanen-Halme Acoustics to the team, and established our business in Finland to further strengthen our position in the Nordic market.

Since the beginning in 1956, we’ve performed more than 80 000 projects within the fields of acoustics, noise, and sound design around the world. We’ve written national and international standards and strive to constantly raise the bar for the field of sound, vibration, and design.

We are Efterklang