NEVS, Sango

NEVS, Sango

Efterklang developed a unique sound identity for NEVS first self-driving car Sango.

Project details

National Electric Vehicles Sweden



National Electric Vehicles Sweden (NEVS), has introduced its first generation of self-driving vehicles. The autonomous ride-sharing shuttle, Sango, has been optimized for shared mobility in city environments. Its adaptive interior design fulfils different ride demands either for sharing a journey with friends or with strangers. During the design and development of the self-driving vehicle Sango, NEVS turned to Efterklang for guidance and development of a sound identity and audio interface. Hearing and vision are the most important senses when designing communication between humans and robotised vehicles.


Through a close collaboration with the design team for Sango at NEVS, we developed a unique sound identity for the vehicle, consisting of a complete sound concept and audio interface. Meaning the audio used to communicate both within the vehicle and with its surrounding in the city. As an addition we also developed the sound for the application that is used to schedule the vehicle, to enhance the customer experience.


”Creating fluent and natural communication with sound is crucial for a safe and comfortable user experience and therefore critical for a successful launch of Sango. The collaboration with Efterklang is most appreciated. Through their creative approach they found inspirational and inventive ways for the task in hand, which we highly value.” -Juha Rautio, designer at NEVS.


Image: NEVS

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Martin Hallberg