Arena Platinan, Gothenburg

Arena Platinan, Gothenburg

Efterklang has created a sound and scent design concept that is both dynamic and brand-building for Arena Platinan, in Gothenburg.

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A 10-minute walk from Gothenburg Central Station will take you to Arena Platinan- another addition to Vasakronan’s arena concept and a new urban element in the city. With 2,500 square meters of co-working, 190 flex spaces, several meeting rooms and generous social areas, Vasakronan has created a welcoming atmosphere, with a focus on reuse and timelessness – something different.


Efterklang was assigned to create an attractive and functional sound and scent environment that caters to the needs and spaces of the arena, and at the same time adds another dimension to the overall experience. The interior design is inspired by the close geographic connection to Göta Älv, Scandinavian tones from nature, and Gothenburg’s ever-changing weather, and the sound design is a natural extension of this theme.


Efterklang has created a sound and scent design concept that is both dynamic and brand-building, with different sound zones and functions. In the open work areas, we have created a gradient nature soundscape, to help mask surrounding noise and to help increase focus and concentration.

The social areas, such as lounges, kitchenettes and reception are designed with a conceptual lounge playlist, that has various intensities to follow the daily rhythm. In these areas are conversations and socializing encouraged.

We have also created surprising sound experiences in selected areas around the office. In addition to fun and theme-based sound installations in the restrooms, we have also given some of the corridors a little extra love.

We have together with our friends and colleagues at Light Bureau, created a synchronized sound and light experience in a passage “Sunset and “Sunrise”, an experience that follows daily rhythm and seasons. And in another passage that we call “Göta Älv”, the office’s floor projection of water comes to life with the help of sound showers.

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