Grant Thornton, Stockholm

Grant Thornton, Stockholm

Efterklang was assigned to design a functional and attractive sound environment for Grant Thornton’s headquarter and co-working.

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Grant Thornton



Efterklang has created a dynamic brand-building sound design concept for Grant Thornton’s headquarters and co-working. The office at Kungsgatan 57 is home to almost 500 employees where cooperation, inspiration and joy are in focus. Here you will find office landscapes suited for individual work, rooms for joint meetings as well as lounges and pentrys great for socializing.


Difficulties concentrating, low confidentiality, irritation, fatigue, and stress. The clouds often gather when planning an open-plan office, and these worries have one thing in common: They are usually caused by a bad sound environment. To avoid these kind of pitfalls, Efterklang was assigned to create a functional and attractive sound environment that meets the different needs, functions and flows already existing in the office.


The result is a tailored sound design concept, where the interplay between acoustics and psychoacoustics plays a crucial role. The sound design is in line with Grant Thornton’s overall visual design concept and the need to create a space that appeals to both employees and visitors. The sound design is a natural part of the office and meticulously adapted to the different areas, and in some spaces endorsed to make a bigger impact. A pleasant nature soundscape is playing in the open-plan office areas and selected corridors, to help mask unwanted noise and to increase concentration and focus. The reception, lounges and pentrys are designed with a conceptual lounge playlist, which encourages social interaction and gatherings. In order to create a positive feeling Efterklang has chosen to create unexpected sound experiences in the stairwell and selected restrooms and meeting rooms. The changing rooms and gym have been decorated with playlists suitable for relaxation and exercise.

Welcome to Grant Thornton, an office that is more than a workplace, it’s a meeting place with soundscapes for every need and everyone.


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