At Efterklang, acoustics is a discipline grounded in science and engineering. From this foundation we develop creative solutions in design, architecture, the human experience and the health of the environment.

What we do - Acoustics

Some of our services:

  • Architectural acoustics and consulting
  • Acoustic measurements and project sign-offs
  • Room acoustic modelling and auralization
  • Building systems noise and vibration control
  • Audiovisual and sound system design
  • Public address and voice alarm systems design
  • Acoustic design of facades

Acoustics is one of the most important factors in spaces where people live, work, meet, and thrive. Creating a good acoustic environment involves preventing and controlling unnecessary noise and disturbances while taking into account human behaviors, the physical surroundings, and the total soundscape.

Collaborative approach

In close dialogue with our clients, we create acoustic environments that are tailored to the total space design and to the people and activities therein. Our aim is to create cost effective sound environments that enhance the function of the space – whether it’s to improve learning and well-being in schools, enhance focus and cooperation in office spaces or create spaces where people can express themselves and experience culture.

Our work include acoustics in urban developments, new constructions as well as refurbishments. We ensure that acoustic parameters are well-thought-out when reusing existing structures into new buildings with new functions.

The auditory experiences are facilitated through sound design that complements the visual expression of a building or a room, the interior design concept or a brand experience. We design and communicate using 3D auralization (audible simulations in VR) when key decisions depend on subjective sound qualities.

Acoustics in wooden buildings

We also have extensive knowledge in designing acoustics for wooden structures. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of both common challenges and effective solutions. We’re dedicated to providing guidance on creating spaces that offer acoustic comfort and promote well-being. You can learn more here.

As members of different national and international standardization committees, we’re well acquainted with local demands and criteria in different countries. Our core acoustics team is located in Scandinavia, but our projects are found all over the world.

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Krister Larsson
Krister Larsson