At Efterklang we offer state-of-the-art studios and services for sound recording, mixing, and audio production. Our sound producers craft a diverse range of audio, spanning from conceptual sound designs and promotional messages to original musical compositions and atmospheric tones.

What we do - Studio

Some of our services:

  • Sound production
  • Audio Branding
  • UX sound design
  • Custom made music
  • Voice Over recordings
  • 3D / VR simulation of architectural designs and soundscapes

With our extensive background in sound production, we understand the intricacies of sound. This understanding drives us to collaborate with other professionals and dedicate substantial effort to analyze environments for our sound design and sound architecture projects. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive consideration of a venue’s overall acoustic environment, its users, as well as a thoughtful contemplation of different situations and seasonal variations to ensure a favorable outcome.

For further insights into our sound design approach, you can explore more here.

Audio content production

In addition to audio productions for sound design concepts in ongoing projects, we also help clients with voice talent casting, music production, and film sound design – just to name a few of our areas of expertise!

We use a real time, high definition collaboration platform, enabling us to have live sessions with creatives and talents around the world, digitally.

Do you have an idea or a brief? We look forward to hearing from you!

Our facilities are currently located in Stockholm and you are always welcome to visit at Frejgatan 62.

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Tove Martin
Tove Martin