Where The Light Guides You

Where The Light Guides You

Artist Eva Dahlgren and designer Alexander Lervik have created a design project and exhibition with glass, light and music that touches all senses. Efterklang has contributed with conceptual sound design.

Project details

Eva Dahlgren & Alexander Lervik



To create a unique experience, Efterklang has contributed with conceptual sound design to the exhibition, first displayed at the Design Gallery during Stockholm Design Week 2017. The exhibition has also been exhibited at Bukowskis in 2017, the House of Culture in Stockholm in 2018 and VIDA Art Gallery on Öland in 2019.


The conceptual sound design took its shape in unique audio shower experiences with targeted speaker technology. The basis of the experience is based on a musical work composed by Eva Dahlgren.


Together with Eva Dahlgren, Efterklang’s sound producers have “disassembled” the composition so that each sound shower plays different parts of the composition on a limited surface. In this way, each work of art has a custom made sound environment.

Better Sound – International Sound Awards 2017

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