Zzz Dreamscape Hotel, Stockholm

Zzz Dreamscape Hotel, Stockholm

Efterklang has created a dreamlike sound universe for Zzz Dreamscape Hotel in Stockholm.

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Zzz Dreamscape Hotel



At Kungsgatan in Stockholm you will find Zzz Dreamscape Hotel. A hotel that offers a fully digitalized experience, where the hotel’s own app is a central part of the visit. The hotel has a unique design, like a dreamworld inspired by Alice in Wonderland which appeals to many senses. Zzz Dreamscape Hotel is also completely located underground.


Efterklang was assigned to enhance and develop the hotel’s creative concept with its unique design and dreamlike touch in mind. We wanted to create an inspiring, relaxed and unexpected experience for the hotel guests, which was made possible through artistic sound design and carefully selected technology.


Efterklang has created a dreamlike sound universe using specially written music and sounds, that flow in the borderland between sound design and art. With relaxing sounds, abstract sound art, and natural sounds that in various ways tie into the visual expressions, each corridor has its own unique character, while the overall sound is held together by certain recurring musical themes in all sound zones. The result is a warm and atmospheric feeling in the hotel’s public areas, entrance, elevator, and corridors.


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