Technical Solutions

At Efterklang, we know that good sound design requires excellent technology. Today there’s a wide range of audio technology for all environments, ranging from advanced systems to small, simple solutions. Some environments require special tools such as directional speakers, triggers, and sensors to create the ultimate sound experience.

The Best Tools To Enhance Your Sound

As we progress from concept and idea stages to implementation, we carefully select technology that best fits the project. On this page, you can learn more about the different tools and how the right technology helps us implement sound design.

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Sound Distribution

Adding sound to a dynamic public environment places significant demands on the sender. It necessitates an understanding of both the sound content – where careful selection of the appropriate sound and music enhances atmosphere and masks undesirable noises – and the overall acoustic environment. Furthermore, the software intelligence is crucial, as it must enable a soundscaping that’s always updated, adapted to and tailored to the evolving dynamics of the location.

Our sound content is distributed through Twang, Efterklang’s proprieraty sound distribution system. Twang enables us to control and tailor the sound according to the dynamics within the specific areas. Through the software, we can schedule sound content and volumes at different times, days, and dates, and continuously keep playlists and other sound content updated and varied. Twang is internet-based and can be conveniently controlled via computer, tablet, or mobile phone using the provided remote feature.

Directional Sound

The unique technology of directional sound enables the focalization of sound to a specific spot without causing disturbance to the surrounding environment. Directional speakers are commonly referred to as “Sound Showers”.

The difference between directional sound and traditional speakers is best illustrated by comparing them to a flashlight and a light bulb, respectively. Much like a light bulb that illuminates the entire room, traditional speakers emits sound broadly In contrast, directional sound, just like a flashlight, precisely directs sound to a specific spot. An innovative application of sound showers can be experienced at Swedbank, learn more here.

Special Technology

We work with all types of sensors, motion sensors, pressure mats, buttons, and triggers.

Sound Pucks
Sound Pucks (also known as “transducers”) can be attached to many different materials. They produce vibrations on the surface they are attached to, creating high-quality sound. The sound trigger has a wide range of applications, for example on storefronts.

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