Ästad Vingård, Halland

Ästad Vingård, Halland

Efterklang has designed a sound concept to enhance and harmonize with the sensory impressions at Ästad Vingård linked to the nature themes: lake, forest, weather and wind.

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Ästad Vingård



Ästad Vingård is situated in the striking scenery of Åkulla beech forests nature reserve in Halland. The vineyard is awarded the most inspiring environment for activities and meetings in the Nordics. A place for intense experiences and peaceful relaxation.

Sinnenas Spa, which translates “the spa of senses”, is a multisensory spa located at the resort where all senses are catered for: Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, to create a unique terroir experience.


The challenge was to create a sound concept that could be implemented in the different zones of the spa. The sound concept should enhance and harmonize with the other sensory impressions in the various rooms, and at the same time represent Ästad Vingård’s brand and link to the nature themes: lake, forest, weather and wind.


Efterklang spent early mornings and late nights in Ästad Vingård’s stunning flora. Authentic and high-quality sounds were recorded in the surrounding beech forests and lakes. Sounds of rippling streams, leaf rustling and beautiful/decorative birdsong, such as blackbirds, finches and ravens, were all part of the recordings. The recordings were then fully or partially integrated into various zones of the spa.

In addition to authentic nature sounds, we also created artistic experiences with composed music and atmospheric soundscapes, nature sounds and sound effects. Examples are rumbling sounds in the fire sauna, clear crystal sounds in the washing ritual and creaking sounds in the pinewood sauna.

The sound concept aims to challenge the frame of mind and evoke new thoughts during the stay.

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