Tramway Lund

Tramway Lund

Efterklang has dimensioned the vibration damping along the new tramway in Lund, Skåne.

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Spårvägar i Skåne


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Since December 2020, Lund has a new tramway between Clemenstorget, located in the city center, and the research facility ESS just outside the city center.

One of the concerns prior to the establishment of the tram was the potential of vibrations and structure-borne noise generated by the trams disturbing the residents along the track. Structure-born noise occurs when vibrations spread in the ground and make the structure in buildings shake.

Another concern was that the vibrations from the tramway would disrupt the work activity at the MAX IV research center. Therefore, high demands were placed on optimized vibration damping, for different purposes, on different parts of the route.


On behalf of the cooperation Spårvägar i Skåne (SpIS), Efterklang has dimensioned the vibration damping along the entire tramway route, to achieve required damping along all sub-routes.


As the establishment of the tramway was heavily debated, it was of great importance to offer both cost-effective and well-functioning solutions. Thanks to our experience and expertise within vibrations and structure-borne noise, we were able to ensure that the vibration damping was of a high standard, while at the same time being able to optimize the dimensioning and not use damping unnecessarily.

This solution was beneficial both for the customer, the residents and for Lund City.

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Carl Pilman