Parkhuset, Solna

Parkhuset, Solna

Efterklang was commissioned to design the architectural acoustics of the new office building Parkhuset - a solid wood construction.

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Parkhuset, Solna

Solna Business Park in Stockholm is an area in transformation. One of the new office buildings in the area is Parkhuset – a project which has high ambitions regarding sustainability and climate impact. In order to achieve reduced climate impact recycled building components will be used and the frame is made entirely out of wood.


On behalf of Fabege, Efterklang was commissioned to design the architectural acoustics, from an early project stage to conceptual design phase, as well as the production of building permit documents and land permit documents.

The wooden frame means that special consideration needs to be taken regarding acoustics and sound insulation. Wood has different properties compared to concrete – it is much lighter and therefore transmits sound and vibrations more easily. In the assignment, consideration has been given to the architectural expression of the building, user-friendly solutions that ensure good sound insulation between premises and different spaces, as well as the desire to use more sustainable materials which has demanded state-of-the-art solutions.


Parkhuset will offer a modern office space with large light yards and entrances. The property will be certified according to Breeam Excellent.

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Andreas Colebring
Andreas Colebring