Trafikverket Headquarters, Borlänge

Trafikverket Headquarters, Borlänge

Efterklang has been responsible for the acoustic design of Trafikverket's new headquarter in Borlänge.

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Since 2019 Efterklang has contributed to the project planning of Trafikverket’s new head office in Borlänge together with property owner Diös, contractor ByggPartner and several subcontractors. Trafikverket has merged two offices and hired more employees, which is one of the reasons for the property development. The rebuilding will provide new modern premises completely adapted to a so-called activity-based approach.


We have been responsible for the acoustic design in existing premises but also in the new ellipse construction. Trafikverket is a large employer in Borlänge which makes the rebuilt of the head office an extra important local project. Projects of this size mean a lot to the region and make other actors dare to invest.


The highest possible sound requirements were set for this project. Airborne sound insulation and room acoustics for meeting rooms, conversation rooms and office rooms were therefore important parameters in the project planning. To enable communication and access to all buildings we chose a puzzling solution-A 385-meter long ellipse-shaped building in solid wood and glass, which places a demand on acoustic expertise.

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Mats Söderlind
Mats Söderlind