Nordisk Film, Uppsala

Nordisk Film, Uppsala

Efterklang was commissioned by Atrium Ljungberg to carry out the acoustic design of Nordisk Film cinema in Uppsala.

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Atrium Ljungberg



The Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film opened their first Swedish cinema in December 2018 in Uppsala. This is the first cinema in Sweden that has a salon specially designed for and equipped with 4DX technology. The technology offers environmental effects such as seat vibrations, wind, rain and scents to enhance the movie experience. A second Nordisk Film cinema was opened in Malmö in 2020.


The Nordisk Film cinema offers high comfort and state-of-the-art technology in terms of video and audio. Efterklang was commissioned by Atrium Ljungberg to carry out the acoustic design.

With a comprehensive knowledge in the fields of building- and room acoustics, and expertise in cinema sound, we created optimal acoustics that enables a comfortable experience. A good sound experience at the cinema is partly about the technical equipment, such as loudspeakers, but mainly about the acoustic conditions. We were responsible for the building- and room acoustic. Building acoustics is about handling sound insulation and noise reduction, whereas the room acoustics aims at optimize audio distribution and reverberation in the salons.

In a cinema salon nothing should interfere with the movie experience. Traffic noise from outside the building or disturbing sounds from adjacent premises or adjacent salons must be avoided. Also, sounds from inside the salon should not disturb adjacent premises.


The Nordisk Film cinema is equipped with a Dolby Atmos sound system installed in the ceiling and on the walls, allowing 60 separate channels. The acoustic solution is adapted to this loudspeaker system. The Swedish audience can look forward to a comfortable experience with the introduction of innovative cinema technology.


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Bengt Johansson
Bengt Johansson