Musicum, Linköping

Musicum, Linköping

Efterklang has provided expertise in acoustic measurements and modeling for the choir and orchestra hall at Linköping University.

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Akademiska Hus


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Linköping University has used an old studio called Musicum as a choir and orchestral hall. The studio has remained untouched since the 1980s and required renovation. Since the hall was scheduled to be equipped with new lighting in 2020, a decision was taken to also take a look at the hall’s acoustics.


On behalf of Akademiska Hus, Efterklang has investigated the acoustics of the hall the sale and made suggestions for appropriate changes, so that the acoustics of the hall would be better suited for the needs it activities. Comments from both the Chamber Choir and the Student Orchestra were collected, and in close dialogue with the unit’s director, several criteria and requested acoustic improvements were developed. After an investigation based on measurements and modeling, Efterklang has delivered a building description directly to the construction contractor, while the organization itself has made color choices.


The choir can now enjoy more appropriate acoustics with improved clarity of song over a distance.

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Sebastian Holm
Sebastian Holm