Tunadalsspåret, Maland

Tunadalsspåret, Maland

Efterklang has done several noise inquests for the new railway Tunadalsspåret in Maland.

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Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) plans to build a new railway connecting Ådalsbanan with Tunadalsspåret in Maland. They also intend to electrify and refurbish the existing railway, with a goal to create an efficient transport hub between road, rail and shipping in Sundsvall. The new track contributes to growth in the Sundsvall region and makes it possible to shift road transportation to rail, which provides major environmental benefits. 


Efterklang was assigned to do several noise inquests of the infrastructure in close connection to residentials, to ensure the noise levels in and around the homes complies with existing requirements for sustainable living and well-being.


Based on the results of completed calculations and measurement, we suggested different noise reduction actions, such as noise screens and barriers, but also some adjustments on house facades.

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Josefin Grönlund
Josefin Grönlund