Road construction projects, Malmö

Road construction projects, Malmö

Efterklang has performed crack inspections and vibration measurements on residential buildings in connection with several road construction projects around Malmö City.

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From 2017 to 2021, Skanska Industrial Solutions has carried out a number of road construction work around Malmö’s inner city. The work consisted of renovating sidewalks and milling away old asphalt on roads and replacing it with new.


A vibro-roller was used for packing the asphalt. This type of construction work generates vibrations that pose a risk of damage to the surroundings. Efterklang was assigned to do crack inspections and monitor vibration measurements on nearby residential buildings.


Skanska was able to have constant control over the environmental vibrations through continuous vibration controls, which ensured that the surrounding buildings weren’t damaged in the process. Installed meters send an alarm when the vibration levels began to approach the set guideline values, which made it easy for the contractor to adapt and manage the work accordingly. The contractor was also able to prove that the levels have been under set guidelines.


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