Halmstad University College Campus,

Halmstad University College Campus,

On behalf of Halmstad municipality, Efterklang carried out noise investigation of traffic and industry noise in the area around the university college campus.

Project details

Halmstad kommun


Högskolan i Halmstad

The Municipality of Halmstad planned to develop the university campus with new buildings linked to university activities, including student housing and a park.


In 2018, Efterklang was Assignmented by the municipality to carry out a noise investigation of traffic and activities in the area around the university. Due to its proximity to many businesses, the area has a complex soundscape.


Efterklang delivered a comprehensive dossier with regard to noise emanating from traffic, operations and industries. The documentation allows the municipality to investigate the possibilities on the university campus.

Contact person
Claes Ockborn Kastby
Claes Ockborn Kastby