Vallentuna Municipality, Noise assessment

Vallentuna Municipality, Noise assessment

Efterklang has done noise investigations along Lingsbergsvägen to ensure a good sound environment for the residents nearby.

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Vallentuna Muncipality


Traffic noise

In Vallentuna Municipality, residents living along Lingsbergsvägen have filed a complaint with the municipality regarding traffic noise. In light of this, the municipality has procured a noise mapping assessment including proposals for measures.


Efterklang was assigned to calculate road traffic noise along Lingsbergsvägen and to develop proposals for noise protection measures where these were necessary. After calculations, we were able to identify that the sound levels did not exceed the current guideline values. The challenge, however, was that many motorists exceeded the speed limit leading to more traffic noise as one of the consequences. For this reason, the municipality was presented with a number of measures, both in terms of noise protection measures but also measures to ensure that the mandated speed limit is not exceeded.


The result of the noise investigation has led to the municipality proceeding with the planning and design of noise protection screens/s along Lingsbergsvägen. Ultimately, this will lead to a better sound environment for the residents.


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Jörgen Anderton
Jörgen Anderton