St1 oil depot, Karlstad

St1 oil depot, Karlstad

On behalf of St1, Efterklang has carried out measurements and calculations of noise from the oil depot operations in Karlstad.

Project details

St1 Sverige AB


St1 Karlstad

ST1 Sweden AB is a company that operates a depot business in Karlstad. The facility is required to report its noise impact on surrounding residential areas, in accordance with the control program that has been established. It is important for the company to take responsibility and ensure that the noise impact is kept at an acceptable level.


On behalf of ST1, Efterklang has carried out several noise inquests from the oil depot. With the purpose to estimate the noise impact, the facility has on the surroundings. The inquests cover several different aspects, including loading to tank trucks, operation of pumps, and unloading via railway and ships.


Thanks to Efterklang’s help, ST1 can present data and information about what noise impact their operation has on the surroundings. This is of great importance since its attractive to build homes and offices in locations near existing industrial operations.

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Pär Wigholm
Pär Wigholm