Gamla Sanatoriet, Örebro

Gamla Sanatoriet, Örebro

Efterklang has on behalf of Eyra Bostad, carried out noise investigations and actions plans at Gamla Sanatoriet in Örebro, so that the new residences would meet current sound requirements.

Project details

Eyra Bostad



Eyra Bostad contacted Efterklang to get assistance when planning four new point houses at Gamla Sanatoriet in Örebro. The area is located at Adolfsberg’s junction where E18 connects to E20- two roads that to a large extent emit traffic noise to nearby buildings.

At an early stage, the plan included a nursing home between the point houses and the roads, which was supposed to be built before the point houses. The construction was approved by the municipality and would partly function as a noise protection screen, but the nursing home was never built due to plan changes. Efterklang has been involved in the entire process and given the responsibility to continue with the inquests, despite the new premises. 


In discussion with the customer, we learned that the intended implementation time for the action plan was 5 years. These five years had passed, and because of that and the fact that the nursing home would no longer be built, we were assigned to adjust and angle the inquest.  We chose to set the results against the set requirements in the detailed development plan, and the guideline values according to the ordinance on traffic noise in residential buildings (2015:216).


Due to changes in the action plan, it became difficult to make sure the residentials met the set guideline values. But thanks to good communication between Efterklang and the client, we were able to find solutions that made it possible for the buildings to meet the requirements. In addition to this, we were given continued responsibility, as the construction management consultant Tida Byggpartner needed help with sound project planning so that the residences met current sound requirements between the apartments.

Contact person
Efterklang employee
Johanna Åström