E.ON, Högbytorp

E.ON, Högbytorp

Efterklang has since 2018 been involved in evaluating noise emission from E.ON:s waste management plant in Högbytorp.

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Since 2018 Efterklang has been involved in evaluating noise emission from E.ON:s waste management plant in Högbytorp for regulatory noise compliance. This ultra-modern E.ON plant in Högbytorp is a system-integrated circular solution. Through E.ON:s close cooperation with waste management company Ragn-Sells, material and energy recovery is integrated in a unique, efficient and sustainable way- generating electricity, heat, biogas and bio-fertilizer from waste products.


Being involved since the planning and construction of E.ON:s Högbytorp plant, Efterklang has measured and quantified noise from the different stages of the construction of the plant, as well as noise from the plant in its operating state.


By continuously monitoring noise emissions from the construction site, compliance with noise regulations can be verified, and if necessary, noise measures may be taken. Which includes noise reduction measures as well as scheduling noisier construction work to less sensitive periods of the day.

Continuous quantification and handling of noise emissions for the plant’s operational state ensure that the regulatory noise compliance is fulfilled, which Is necessary for the long-term operation of the plant itself. By pro-active and transparent handling of noise-related issues, E.ON proves that noise is taken seriously.

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