CMPC and ARAUCO, Chile

CMPC and ARAUCO, Chile

Since the introduction of new external noise level regulations in Chile, Efterklang has helped CMPC and ARAUCO with noise mapping and mitigation at eight industrial facilities.

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Bullerutredning Chile

In 2011, Chile introduced new standards for external noise levels. The new requirements were in parity with European standards and therefore well known to Efterklang’s acoustic consultants.


Since the introduction of the new and stricter external noise level regulations, we have been to Chile several times to conduct external noise mapping at eight CMPC and ARAUCO factories. In addition to noise mapping, action plans were prepared in accordance with the new regulations.

The regulations resulted in a reduction of 2 -10 decibels, down to 50dBA, for the factories in question. Lowering the noise levels with up to 10 decibels was exceptional and a major challenge for the industries in Chile. In contrast to factories in Nordic countries, much of the production facilities are housed outdoors due to the climate. This causes higher levels of external noise leaking to the surroundings.


By systematically identifying different noise sources and applying mitigation measures throughout the assignment, we were able to ensure that noise levels have been reduced in accordance with the new regulations. We used an acoustic camera that effectively identified various sources of noise at the factories. The camera feeds data into a video sequence that provides a visual and clear picture of noise sources, which enable more effective noise mapping. Additionally, the video sequence provides a good basis for decision making and a better understanding of noise mitigation measures for the customer.

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