Arena Triangeln, Malmö

Arena Triangeln, Malmö

Unique sound and scent design at Vasakronan’s new co working concept in Malmö.

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Arena Triangeln is located in central Malmö, right in the middle of the Triangeln shopping mall. Here Vasakronan offers a top modern co-working office of 1500 m2 with 100 flex work places, 11 meeting rooms and multiple lounge areas. Well-being and functionality is in focus. Materials, lighting and ergonomics is thought out in detail, just like the sound and scent design.


Just like at previously established Arenas Efterklang was entrusted to use sound and scent to contribute to an office that’s functional, attractive, and pleasant. The concept is aligned with the visual theme of the office, with inspiration drawn from European metropolises, bustling streets, and buzzing crowds.


Efterklang created an activity-based soundscape with zones for different needs and functions:

  • We encourage social interaction and relaxation in social areas with curated background music
  • We reduce distractions in office landscapes with nature-based sound masking
  • We create a light-hearted atmosphere and increase privacy in restrooms with unexpected sound design (like narrated phrase books!)
  • We enhance the visual brand concept with urban music at the entrance floor and sounds from bustling cities in the internal stairwell

We also implemented subtle scent design in selected areas, for brand recognition and a more welcoming overall impression.

The result is a unique soundscape with zones for all possible needs – regardless of whether you seek quiet, focus, mingling or inspiration.

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