Stena Aluminium, Älmhult

Stena Aluminium, Älmhult

Efterklang has carried out noise assessments for Stena Aluminium since 2015.

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Stena Aluminium AB



In the heart of Älmhult you will find Stena Aluminium, a leading aluminum producer of recycled raw materials. The facility has been located at the same location since the beginning of the 20th century and is surrounded by various buildings. Due to the close-by buildings it’s of great importance for Stena Aluminium to know how much noise they are spreading, both to ensure that the total noise level complies with their environmental permit, but also to minimize any disturbance to neighbors.


Since 2015, Efterklang has carried out noise assessments and calculations to confirm that the noise levels are in accordance with set guidelines. In close cooperation with Stena Aluminium, we’ve worked to reduce the company’s noise pollution by measuring existing noise sources and by an adjusted way of working. We have also supported with requirements and control measurements when tendering new equipment, to make sure the noise doesn’t exceed set guidelines.


Today Stena Aluminium has good control over their noise situation and the facility emits less noise to the surroundings than it did back in 2015.

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Niklas Carlsson
Niklas Carlsson