MTS Hydraulic Shaker

Through analyses based on tests by using a shaker, we can determine the static and dynamic parameters of a material, within the desired frequency range. This is done by exciting the material to different static preloads and dynamic load cases, either by a sinus, random or a shock profile. We can test samples with different thickness and areas.

Tests by using our hydraulic shaker are well suited for materials such as vibration damping mats, different types of dampers, flooring systems etc.

Our hydraulic shakers are based in our Gothenburg office, one is mobile and can be transported to project sites. Please Get in touch for further information or inquiries.

In many different areas, it’s of great importance to be able to determine the capacity of various components regarding both static and dynamic stiffness. At Efterklang, we have hydraulic shakers which comply with the requirements stated in ISO 10846-2: 1997.



MTS Hydraulic Shaker


Maximum amplitude: ±25 mm peak
Maximum velocity: ±0,5 m/s peak
Maximum acceleration: ±1200 m/s2 peak no load
Maximum acceleration: ±120 m/s2 peak load 8 kN
Maximum load: ±10 kN

Standards possible :

ISO 10846-3