Efterklang and Uppsala city square wins the Swedish Sound Environment Award 2024

The Swedish Sound Environment Award has been presented every year since 2018 by the Swedish Acoustical Society. The award focuses on environments where special efforts have been made to create a pleasant sound environment for people who spend time there. By recognizing these efforts, the aim is to encourage continued work in creating sound environments that promote well-being and comfort.

Yesterday, at the yearly acoustic conference in Sweden, the city square in Uppsala was honored with the ‘Sound Environment Award 2024′ for its remarkable transition from a dull bus square to a welcoming space with a unique identity. The objective of the renovation initiative was to transform the square into the central meeting place, providing a platform for various experiences. As noise levels was reduced due to traffic diversion, more sounds were allowed to be heard, resulting in a noticeable enhancement of the square’s sound environment. Furthermore, the city of Uppsala wanted to add yet another layer to the soundscape by incorporating sound design on the square.

Efterklang was assigned the responsibility of designing captivating sound features for the square. In June 2023, the revitalized square was unveiled, showcasing a dynamic sound landscape with intermittent and seasonal sounds distributed throughout the week and year, enriching visitors’ interactions with the space. This innovative concept has now earned the prestigious Swedish Sound Environment Award 2024.

The Sound Environment Award holds considerable importance as it seeks to raise awareness about soundscapes within our society. For many, sound remains an abstract concept, often overlooked in comparison to the visual elements of urban development. Therefore, the award plays an important role in highlighting projects and clients who understand the value of a well-planned and designed sound environment,” says Alexander Kassberg, Sound Designer at Efterklang.

More information about the project is available here.

Image of Stora Torget in Uppsala. With people across the square.