Transformation of Avicii Arena in Stockholm

Avicii Arena, originally known as the Globe Arena, is an indoor arena located in southern Stockholm. The great hemispherical building from 1989 is a famous landmark building, with a volume of 605,000 cubic metres.

During 2024 the arena will be closed for renovations to create a more intimate and qualitative experience for audiences of all types of events. The project aims to provide the City of Stockholm a modern arena portfolio for events in music, sports and culture.

Legends International has been appointed to deliver project management services, and to lead a team of experts in supporting Stockholm Globe Arena Fastigheter (SGAF), creating a concept design with the focus on enhancing the fan and guest experience.

Part of the extensive interior renovation is the improvement of the acoustics. On behalf of Legends, Efterklang is the appointed acoustic consultant and our task is to design a space with optimal sound environment – for all types and scales of events.

To control how the sound behaves inside Avicii Arena, Efterklang is shaping the new interior architecture, including a retractable interior canopy, to direct sound where it should be. The canopy opens to expose the original post-modern dome architecture. When closed, the sound from the stage, rink and crowd will be strengthened in the audience and vice-versa.

In addition to this, Efterklang is improving the clarity of sound, which is of great importance in terms of performing and experiencing music, art and sports. As an example, sounds from ice hockey games are extremely exciting and very nuanced, and a huge part of the overall experience – the canopy, new architecture, and integrated technology are shaped to give the venue an improved communication between players and the crowd.

With this assignment, Efterklang aims to make the venue adaptable for different types of events and to provide an arena which is fun to play in and electrifying to hear and experience.


Image credit: Legends International

Avicii Arena