New appointment and strategic shift at Efterklang

Efterklang embraces the potential within the field of sound design.

As of January 1st, 2024, Efterklang proudly announces the appointment of Margareta Andersson as Business Developer, with a primary focus on sound design. Leveraging her rich entrepreneurial background and proven leadership skills, Margareta is set to play an important role in steering strategic initiatives, fostering collaborations both internally and externally, and initiating growth opportunities for Efterklang.

Margareta Andersson shares her enthusiasm, stating, “Coming from a dynamic background as an entrepreneur and creative leader, I’m thrilled to take on my new role. My passion lies in creating concepts, nurturing relationships, and developing business, and I look forward to scaling up our offering, inside and outside of Sweden.”

This shift reflects our commitment to evolve and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape. We aspire to provide our clients with more than just a service; we aim to deliver a transformative experience by incorporating both engineering and conceptual design services.

“Efterklang’s strategic transition not only enhances the distinctive fusion of traditional acoustic services and innovative sound design but takes us beyond industry standards. At the same time, it’s a responsive approach to anticipated market needs and future trends” says Albin Hedenskog, Head of Efterklang.