Navigating the waves of change

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s natural to take a step back and reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken the past year. Since joining Efterklang in February 2023, my first time here has revolved around navigating the ever-changing market dynamics while at the same time uniting the Efterklang team to ensure our awareness to adapt to market needs. As always, our commitment persists in challenging the conventional norms within the fields of sound, vibration, and design.

Companies and industries are increasingly recognizing the impact and importance of sound. This is evident in various segments, such as product development and user experience, the demand for innovative solutions in leasure and hospitality, and the need for an entrusted partner in the industrial sector – just to name a few. The intersection between engineering, design, and technology presents a flexibility to apply our competencies across a wide spectrum of industries and market segments.

The market is a dynamic landscape, responding to global shifts in ways we can’t always predict. As many industries, we’ve also encountered challenges that have tested our strategies and prompted us to rethink our approaches. Yet, despite the hurdles every cloud has a silverlining. I believe challenge presents an opportunity for growth and innovation – opportunities abound for those who are prepared to seize them. I also believe that we’re armed to take a proactive approach to set the stage for an eventful year ahead.

In collaboration with our clients and partners, we persist in learning, evolving, and adjusting. While I can’t guarantee a prosperous new year, one certainty remains: 2024 will undoubtedly present adventures, and our strong cooperation—both within AFRY and with external clients—will endure.

With these words I’d like to thank employees, clients and partners for this year. A well-deserved holiday break is approaching, and I extend my best wishes to all.

– Albin Hedenskog, Head of Efterklang