Efterklang official partner of H22 City Expo

H22 – The city expo with a smorgasbord of wow!

The City of Helsingborg is opening up for new perspectives and adventures. The H22 City Expo will be arranged May 30th to July 3rd 2022 and aims to invite citizens and stakeholders to an innovation show. A smorgasbord of wow!

Around 100 companies and organizations are teaming up with the city to showcase initiatives for a smarter and more sustainable city. Efterklang is H22 partner and through our arrangements we will engage visitors and citizens to think, talk and act on sounds in the city.

We are all composers of the urban soundscape. Through a series of activities, we will raise questions regarding governance of sound environments. We will also highlight how sound can be used as a design feature in urban planning.

Our activities include a sound safari in the new jungle playground in Oceanhamnen and a mobile soundscape on wheels. We look forward to take part in H22 City Expo and hope you will join us!

Read more on H22 City Expo website.

H22 City Expo