Djungellekan playground honoured with two prestigious awards

Djungellekan in Helsingborg is the first playground of its kind in Sweden. Through tailored sound design and acoustic expertise, an old dry dock has been transformed into a green oasis filled with unexpected auditory adventures.

The City of Helsingborg had a vision of turning the old harbour and industrial area Oceanhamnen into a new vibrant district. With focus on the environment and sustainability, greenery and play were important elements in transforming an old dry dock into a park and playground.

To enhance the experience of play and interaction, Efterklang was assigned to take care of the sound environment in both park and playground. The work has included noise mitigation, sound design, and soundscaping, resulting in an immersive auditory experience that is sure to delight visitors of all ages. Djungellekan was inaugurated in the summer of 2022 and has quickly become an attractive destination.

The park and playground have received a lot of attention related to both landscape and soundscape design. As a result, the park and playground have received two prestigious awards:

Landmärket 2022

Landmärket (The Landmark Award) recognizes landscape architecture of high architectural quality in terms of design, realization and execution. Landmärket 2022 was awarded to the Djungellekan by Architects Sweden. The park and playground were awarded as the design incorporate the distinctive ambiance of the environment while also introducing areas for relaxation and fresh, inventive experiences. Efterklang has worked closely with landscape architects at Krook & Tjäder and Helsingborgs Stad in this project to ensure that the sound design complements and reinforces the visual design.

Ljudmiljöpriset 2022

The park and playground have also been awarded with Ljudmiljöpriset 2022 (The Sound Environment Award) by the the Swedish Acoustical Society. The purpose of the award is to highlight endeavours and initiatives that support the creation of harmonious soundscapes. It’s presented to projects that have gone the extra mile in developing excellent sound environments for the occupants of various spaces and places.

“I’m so happy to have contributed to this awarded project”, says Martin Hallberg, Creative Director at Efterklang.

“It really shows how bold ideas and great visions can make a difference. In this case, the wonderful imagination of children which has resulted in the transformation of the old dry dock into a green sanctuary filled with unexpected auditory adventures.”

Visit the project page to learn more about the project.