The acoustic environment in future cities

During 2021 AFRY conducted a survey among young adults in seven European countries to better understand their thoughts on urban development. The survey included questions related to global trends and challenges, but also everyday challenges that young adults experience.

The survey showed that two thirds (66%) of young adults considered the acoustic environment in and around their homes to be important or very important. “This is proof that the acoustic environment is a significant aspect of urban development that must not be overlooked”, says Martin Hallberg, Creative Sound Designer at Efterklang.

The noises that young adults wish to avoid include noise from neighbours, traffic noise and street life such as bars/clubs and school yards. “It’s nothing new that the acoustic environment in our cities and homes affects the inhabitants. What is surprising is that awareness among young people is so high,” Martin continues.

Read the full article on AFRY’s website.

Acoustic environment in urban planning