Speaking Place

Speaking Place

Efterklang has created sound design for the VR app Speaking Place.

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Speech anxiety is a common social problem. Most people can sometimes feel nervous about giving a presentation, but for some, the anxiety is so severe that they need professional help.Speaking Place is an evidence-based Virtual Reality app that makes it possible for people to practice public speaking In realtime, either as a part of therapy or in professional training.


Speaking Place is developed by Mimerse with Efterklang as a sound partner, where we’ve created detailed sound design carefully balanced to give an as authentic experience as possible. The sound design plays a crucial part in the overall expression: Without realistic sound, the experience isn’t believable. That is, if your ears are telling you something else than your eyes, you’re simply not quite there.

We made sound design, recordings and acoustic simulations.

2 Better Sounds – International Sound Awards 2020

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