Noise barriers, Helsingborg

Noise barriers, Helsingborg

On behalf of the City of Helsingborg, Efterklang and AFRY have developed innovative noise barriers.

Project details

City of Helsingborg

Efterklang and AFRY were asked to develop and design an innovative noise barrier to help improve the environment in a city park.


The park Eneborgsplatsen in central Helsingborg is situated next to a busy street. To create a more pleasant environment in the park, noise mitigation was one of the measures. Therefore, two low noise barriers were developed and constructed with clever brick design. The barriers used similar brick as the facades of nearby apartment buildings.

The noise barrier between driving lanes is shaped like a “T” and is designed to dampen noise from tires and road traffic. The sound reduction comes from the brick wall shielding, the projecting crest, the absorbent sedum surface on top of the barrier, the uneven diffusing brick pattern, and an absorbent core of wood wool.


As the park was experienced as unsafe by residents, one important aspect was to not develop a tall noise barrier that would further increase that feeling. Instead the barrier should harmonize with the surroundings and be low enough for people to look over. The result is noise barriers that are visually appealing and at the same time very effective in terms of noise mitigation.

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Manne Friman
Manne Friman