GB Obesitas, Malmö

GB Obesitas, Malmö

Efterklang has created a 'The Great Gatsby' inspired sound design for GB Obesitas, a specialist clinic based in Malmö.

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GB Obesitas



At Skeppsbron, along Malmö’s oldest harbor lane, you will find GB Obesitas, a private clinic specializing in bariatric surgery. The clinic is housed in a historic building from the 1850s and spans three floors. Visitors are welcomed on the ground floor, where the entrance and reception are located. One floor up, you will find recovery rooms with overnight accommodation, and on the third floor, the operating rooms are situated.

GB Obesitas invited Efterklang to explore the possibilities of sound design for the premises. Inspired by the interior and the given theme “The Great Gatsby,” we have successfully created a holistic sound design concept that harmonizes with the atmosphere while maintaining patient privacy and well-being.


Many of us share the experience that hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, and waiting rooms can evoke feelings of anxiety and unease, especially if a patient is facing major surgery. Our ambition was to use sound design as a tool to create an environment that fosters anticipation, comfort, and professionalism – sprinkled with a touch of playfulness.


The result is a carefully considered sound design with theme-based music in lounges, welcoming background music in corridors and reception areas, and ambient music in selected restrooms.

Great sound design is crucial for several reasons in a clinic like GB Obesitas. Firstly, it impacts patients’ recovery and well-being – A calm and stress-free atmosphere helps reduce stress levels and promotes faster rehabilitation. Additionally, a well-functioning sound architecture helps preserve patients’ privacy- By minimizing sound leakage and masking disruptive noises between rooms, a sense of security and confidentiality is created. This is especially important in a clinic where sensitive topics such as weight and health are discussed.

The employees at GB Obesitas are a central part of the operation and spend a lot of time at the clinic. Therefore, it was important to prioritize their well-being, as well as that of the patients, when we designed our concept. Our sound design aims to enhance comfort, focus, and productivity, fostering a healthy and supportive workplace environment.

A carefully considered sound environment can enhance the overall experience, thereby increasing trust in the clinic’s care and professionalism.

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