Efterklang at World Congress on Timber Engineering 2023

Norway hosts the World Congress on Timber Engineering (WCTW) 2023. During four days, researchers, academics and businesses from all over the world meet to share knowledge in timber construction and sustainability. Efterklang is one of the exhibitors, and we will be in Oslo between June 19 – 22. At our stand you can meet our acoustic consultants Andreas Colebring, Patrick Ford and Helena Rydland.

The wood building industry is still relatively new and there are areas of research, such as acoustics, that require further exploration. However, over the past decade, there have been significant advancements in the understanding of acoustics in wooden buildings, due in part to close collaboration between acoustic consultants and innovative clients.

At Efterklang, we have extensive knowledge in designing acoustics for wooden structures. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of both common challenges and effective solutions. Our presence at WCTW 2023 signifies our ongoing commitment to cultivating the necessary groundwork for a sustainable future, specifically in the realm of wooden building construction.

More information about WCTW on the website

A pile of sawed wood logs